A digitized version of Selena is happening

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.42.49 PM

The life of a women loved by many Selena Quintilla, was cut shorts 20 years ago in March leaving her full potential unrealized. Al though gone, her legacy has lived on and will continue to on this new project called Selena the One.


They are developing a new technology that embodies Selena digitally. According to Media representative, Abelardo Rodriguez. This is incredible because it will be able to have Selena move and sing not only to old songs, but new songs too.


It will not be a hologram al though many people believe it to be so! This is NEW technology. This digitalized version of Selena with release new songs and new videos that will be collaborating with current his artists, as well as plans to go on tour in 2018.


Family of Selena state they are right alongside them developing everything. Suzette Quintilla her sister says that this project is not creepy or weird but rather something amazing.. This gives a lot of the new fans the chance to be able to experience Selena thanks to this new technology. Crowd funding campaign is being used and is seeking $500,000 to launch the project.




Check out one of her major hits

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