Muse: “Dead Inside” (Single Review) – “Prince meets Depeche Mode meets Radiohead meets U2”

Artist: Muse

Album : Drones

Label: Warner Bros., Helium-3

Release Date: March 23, 2015

By: Joseph Kurbanov

Muse return to 2015, with a single sounding incredibly unexpected based on previous descriptions of the album outlined by the band-members. The song details the internal decay of the human spirit after a relationship has failed, leaving the participants lifeless and literally “dead inside.”

The single is an interesting beginning to a new album, with it’s darkly minimalistic and electronic vibe. Matthew Bellamy recalls the vocals of Freddie Mercury and Bono to howl about ‘magic in your eyes/on the outside you’re ablaze and alive, but you’re dead inside.” Muse_2015_press_shot

The track is Prince meets Depeche Mode meets Radiohead meets U2. I think Muse have created a new genre called gothic groove with this track. Although the track is very dark and minor in tonality it has quite a few radio-friendly moments such as the catchy gang-vocal refrain; “dead inside,” in addition to the VI-IV-I-V chord progression breakdown in the bridge followed by a Bono-esque vocal melody, catchy enough to hit the mega-airwaves.

Muse is clearly trying to play off the success of its former single, “Madness” from The 2nd Law, which was also heavily electronic and minimal, although generally more uplifting in nature.

As of now, Muse has only released a lyric video, however, an instagram video has surfaced revealing the official video featuring professional dancers and competitors on So You Think You Can Dance, Kathryn McCormick and Will Wingfield.

Fans of Muse, are heavily anticipating the new album, Drones, which the band has promised to be heavy, guitar-driven, and three-piece oriented.

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