Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds: “Catchy Montage of Sex, Love, and Drugs”

Artist: Tove Lo

Album: Queen of the Clouds

Label: Island

Release Date: September 24, 2014

By: Joseph Kurbanov

If you’ve heard “Habits (Stay High)” on the radio, then you were probably wondering who was behind the airy and mysterious vocals on the track.

27 year-old Swedish singer and songwriter, Tove Lo hails from none other than Stockholm, Sweden (surprise, surprise). She gained attention from her single “Habits,”, and a boost of major success from a remix of the track (“Stay High”) by producers Hippie Sabotage.Tove_Lo_-_Queen_of_the_Clouds

Tove Lo has writing credits for Cher Lloyd and Lea Michele from and she’s very well known amongst Sweden’s arrangement of pop writers. Inevitably, Tove Lo is linked to mega hit-maker, Max Martin. Upon listening to her very well constructed pop songs it comes as no surprise to discover that she graduated from none other than Stockholm’s Rytmus music school; the breeding ground for pop hits. Sweden has had quite a history with American pop.

Tove Lo has a nick for being tongue-in-cheek in her songs. She talks about getting drunk, high, going to sex clubs, and looking for guys in the songs “Like Em Young” and “Stay High.” Most of her lyric is reaction to relationships gone awry. Somehow, she still manages to hold the throne as “Queen of the Clouds.” Apparently, “If you love me right/We fuck for life,” she croons on “Talking Body;” a song with a hook so catchy, it’ll stick to your shoe longer than gum.

Catchy choruses, dubby electro globs, atmospheric sweeps, epic drum samples, and sensual vocals create a montage of sex, love, and drugs that is “Queen of the Clouds.” By the time you finish the album, you’ll be in the clouds right there with her. Let’s see if this Swede lasts the charts…



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