Adam Levine to debut new show, Songland, as a “new discovery model”

By: Joseph Kurbanov


With some huge success as a judge on the “The Voice,” Adam Levine was able to create a brand of himself, and branch from the former band image of Maroon 5, with fragrances, fashion lines, and multiple endorsements. We saw “the World’s Sexiest Man,” make his acting debut in “Begin Again” and “American Horror Story.” The new trend seems to involve musicians focused in all avenues but music. However, This new industry model brings a new discovery model. It seems Adam Levine yearns to be the catalyst of the evolving industry.  The Voice - Season 3

“The Voice” features self-contained singers with everyday sob stories to gain a pseudo-sympathetic reaction from the audience. During some countless “blind” auditions, the focus remains on the quality, originality, and prowess of the voice unhindered by aesthetic driven judgements. Unfortunately, the top ten singers and even the winners, seem to implode from the popularity resulting in a fast decline from the eyes of the people. In part, the focus remains on cover songs as oppose to originals driving the viewers to focus on delivery rather than persona; contrary to the egocentric nature of the performing arts.

The executive producer of “The Voice,” Audrey Morrissey and Adam Levine are joining  Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Stewart on a series entitled, Songland. The show is intended to relay the importance of the songwriter to the industry. Songwriters have the potential for many revenue streams from publishing, as oppose to artists, who rely on sales and live music. The show undoubtedly will unveil the relic of the songwriter; the hit song.

Of course, the series will feature working common folk with dirt-to-gold tales who will pitch their songs to high-end producers and artists. Time will tell if Songland will be a worthy contender of The Voice.


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