A Buck a Like

In this era where social media is one of the top form of first appearance, no matter what walk of life you from, it only make sense that for companies, bands, artist ect. social networks have become a numbers game based on likes and comments more than about having meaningful relation with the fans. With numbers game becoming a race to see who can get the most followers it makes sense that their has become a new trend within the music business of buying followers, comment likes on all forms of social media platforms.

In the past years as social networks have taken a huge stake in our lives there are companies that have come to the market that’s business model is solely based on creating different accounts and using them to sell their likes are follows for a small fee. It’s easy to buy followers online and fairly cheap and easy to find, you can find sites that sell likes by Googling and it will be the top few results. This practice is not illegal or frowned upon and is used by bigger companies label and other area establishing a new artist or product to make them appear like they have more followers than they actually do.


Is buying Followers really worth it?

Buying followers for your site looks good in person but in reality it could be more harmful to your social media presence than helpful.

Although buying followers generates a steady stream of likes on your page you are not reaching your target market or any market for that matter. Although these fans are reaching your page when the vast majority are fake and the rest are liking/following your page because they’re bandwagoning chances are they are not really invested in whatever the page was established for.

Site like Facebook use the internal analytics based on visits to your page to prioritize peoples feeds. If your page has a disproportional amount of likes on the pages to visits to the page chances are facebook is going to recognize your page as unimportant thus limiting the chance to reach your real fans who truly do want updates from you.

This practice can turn off fans that you already have, if a fan notices that you start to grow in popularity overnight and gets curious and decides to look into the profiles and notices the majority of profiles although they have unique pictures have essentially have the same profile they can look down on this. It’s also easy for the fan to notice that if your likes are in the thousands and nobody likes or commenting on your post something might be fishy.

Although in the short term purchasing likes may seem like a good way to get the ball rolling it is merely just throwing a band aid on a cut that needs stitches a temporary fix. The best way to truly get a good fanbase is to get creative and find a way to standout from the crowd.

-Andrew Beeh

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