Promotion in the Social Media Era

With social media becoming a more prevailing tool within most cultures of this world it’s only understandable that the way we approach activities, jobs and events from the past has changed in major leaps and bounds. As a musician one of the most exciting changes that I’ve encountered is the birth of Social Media promotion, Social Media promotion has put the power of promoting directly in the artist hands and a savvy artist can build a D.I.Y. fan base with little to no money expending mainly a creative effort. Prior to Social Media the traditional route for being recognized as an artist was to have a good team to market you as an artist this meant laying down a good amount of cash or on the off chance the artist gets noticed and signed they would get this service provided for them from the record company. dealership-social-media Social media has given the fans the power to interact directly with the fans and to humanize the artist more, for a generation of reality TV junkies this is what we crave the ability to be able to relate to an artist. The power to interact with the fans directly can be a valuable tool when promoting or a nightmare for the fans, by the way the band responds to fans allows not only the fan they are interacting to get a taste of their personality, as an artist it’s better to error on the side of caution when responding to tweets Facebook messages or any other social media platform. A band that went towards responding to social media in a poor manner is the band Nickelback who went about responding to as many of their hate based tweets with sarcastic verging on the side of rude tweets. Although they are showing their humor and personality they are alienating not only haters but also fans that they already had that were able to see their public activity and their disrespect. nb3 Instagram has opened up completely different field for artist as far, this service which is photo and short video service has given artist the power to let fans see what the artist are up to in what seems like a more personal friendly platform compared to YouTube or Flickr. Instagram has given the artist the power to show fans their life or 15 seconds of what their working on in the studio ect. Not only is promoting with social media cheaper than in the past they are instantaneous and allow the artist to reach their fans with a key stroke compared to the past where the band had to have posters in the city months before they toured and leaflets. The past would require the band to spend absorbent amounts of money without as far of a reach. There’s even general rules based around promoting your band an example being the 70-20-10 which say 70 percent of your content should build your brand, 20 percent of your content should be shared from another artist and 10 percent of your content should be self promotion. Although the means of promotion are changing they are changing to benefit all parties involved small bands are able to promote themselves on a much grander scale than in the past for less money and giant labels are able to promote their artist for less money and focus on their target markets more. In the end self-promotion helps everyone no matter what size of the artist involved. -Andrew Beeh

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