Sargent House

Sargent house is one of the big labels making a splash in the independent Los Angeles music scene. With a roster of rock bands from every background all approaching the music in different ways. From the Ska Progressive rock band that started the label RX Bandits to the young up and coming math rock prodigy Mylets. Although the music is unorthodox and has a unique sound that pulls listeners from multiple walks of life what makes Sargent House a truly unique label is how it was started and how the founder of the Label (Cathy Pellow) approaches how it operates.

One of the things that makes Sargent House such a unique label is it is an all inclusive service which offers the artist they sign management as well as being their record label. Ontop of being a label and a management company they provide the artist with an asoociated PR company called US/Them group, a video production site call Terroreyes TV, and a licensing and music supervision division called 1656 Music


What’s different about Sargent house is how they started and how they approach the bands that they are signing and how they are treated. Sargent House came to fruition in 2006 when Cathy Pellow was managing the band RX Bandits and was looking to Release their album …And the Battle Begun at the time RX Bandits was not pleased with their label and looking to switch. When looking with the band to find them a new label she could not find a label that made them an offer to meet their standards. Cathy realized that the only way to see this band that she had taken such a huge stake in music wise flourish would be to act as the label herself and that way RX would have more creative control over the direction of their album. After Cathy took this endeavor she realized that the band actually made money off their record which was a change from past endeavors on other labels.

Sargent House’s Unique situation where they operate both as management and label for the band has allowed them different opportunities that other labels can not be afforded. In interviews Pellow has stated that one of the things she can do is help the band promote more for instance when one of her bands goes on tour she gives them 5 of their CD’S for free to sell per tour day, most non major artist have to purchase their CD’s to sell and some can’t afford it. By offering this deal to the artist not only does the artist get to be promoted on tour but they get to sell more CD’s in the long run which can act as a word of mouth form of advertising.

Sargent House offers its fans unique opportunities offering them services that most labels aren’t offering the fans, an example of this would be the Sargent House Farm Family studio and website, Sargent House created it’s own home studio for it’s artist to use, they record session there which allows fans to watch videos and see pictures their favorite bands recording tracks and albums. The farm benefits the artist as much as it does the fans, not only does it work as free advertising for the band for a generation of fans that like to see their favorite artist more in depth, but it provided the artist with an area where they have unlimited time to rehearse and record an album with at the fear of running out of funds.

Sargent House is anything but your typical label or management company. Sargent house is more focused on signing good honest hardworking bands that aren’t trying to follow whatever the trend is at the moment. Sargent House is one of the few smaller labels you can mention that is trying to work hand in hand with the artist to create the best product they can release.

-Andrew Beeh

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