Nayvia’s recording session at Berklee!

Finally we got to makIMG_5108e the recording of the song Jon composed for Nayvia. I was kind of nervous because this was her first experience in a studio. Actually now that we have had the session I’m very pleased and surprised. There was a point in the session that I actually experienced something really refreshing… I was in the middle of a creative process between my artist and the producer/composer.

I guess this is one of the rewards of working with artist, watching them enjoy what they are doing and rocking while doing it. I’m very happy that in a very busy week I managed to be part of this moment. Nayvia did great even when she had a sore throat. While she was singing I could see her feet dancing.

About this “happy feet” moments, I noticed she does that even whIMG_5102en rehearsing. At the beginning my perception was that she was showing anxiety, nervousness and even I tried to convince Nayvia she was being distracting. Now I realize it is part of her personality as a performer and I’ll supervise the public reaction of it.

Jon told me he was going to mix it and do the master of it as soon as possible. I hope he could have an advance before this week ends to share it with you and my partners in class. Back there in the studio, it was already sounding great. I can’t imagine what Jon will do with the files.

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