Future Business Models: When brands go beyond endorsements. Part 3: Red Bull Records Act II


Red Bull Studios in London

If the successful team and artist roster of Red Bull records was not enough for you to see them as big players, let’s take a further look at their amazing offer. With their own state of the art recording facilites around the world, Red Bull allows a multitude of artist to achieve professional results. Spread across 4 continents, the 9 beautifully designed and equiped Red Bulls Studios are put to good use for up-and-coming artists through the multitude of music programs and competitions ran by the brand. And obviously, the labels roster benefits from unlimited access to the facilities, a luxury which other record companies may not always be able to offer. And that is another strong asset for the label’s strong culture of artist development, and a deal-maker for artists, as expressed by Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION: “I wasn’t looking for a lot of money, I wanted control. I always wanted to produce my own record. Red Bull is the only one that came to me and said, ‘We like you and we’ll let you do what you do. We want to help your vision.’ Not to mention that they have a really great studio that I can use whenever they don’t have acts in there. I’ve had endless amounts of hours in that studio and it doesn’t cost anything for me to use it.”


Red Bull Studios, Sao Paolo

With a focus on cutting-edge artists and the right facilities for them to develop their novel sounds, the label really puts music at the center of it all: “We look for artists who can have a cultural impact, who are left of center but ultimately have the potential to reach a larger audience,” says managing director Greg Hammer. “Our goal is to find artists that don’t sound like everyone else. We don’t aim to be a ‘niche’ label, but we try to find diverse artists musically, that are truly talented, but may take a bit more time and effort to find an audience.” Clearly the label isn’t worried by the same financial constraints as the rest of the industry. Thanks to the resources of the brand, and a budget that gives you wings.

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