The Early Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are an interesting group – 3 brothers (Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) singing with tight harmonies. They’ve spanned genres from pop, to R&B, rock, and disco, and maintained popularity throughout the process.

The brothers were born on the Isle of Man, lived in Manchester, England, and then moved to Queensland, Australia. After making a splash on the Australian market, they relocated to the UK in order to be promoted around the world.

Today we’re listening to some early work, from their time in Australia. We have two samples: “Timber” and “Wine and Women”

You’ll probably notice two distinct elements:

1) Robin’s distinct lead vocal, with a very pronounced vibrato.

2) The folksy nature of the group’s sound.

The folksy sound is a notable point, because the Bee Gees’ two most prominent musical styles are rock (in the late 60’s), and disco (in the 70’s). This week, we will be listening to samples of their work in those styles.  We’ll compare them to where the Bee Gees began, and observe what developed over time as they transitioned between genres.

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