Raw talent… not as easy as it sounds.

This couple of weeks have been really hard for me and my artist. Talking a little bit about myself, well, I’m in a middle of final examinations in my Master. But it’s being particularly difficult for my artist.

As you may or may not know, Rosa, or Nayvia (her artistic name) is an incredible girl with an extraordinary voice that captured my and a composer’s attention. Till this point it’s being a pleasure to see how my professional input have made a difference in her life. John O’Hara always tells me how she surprises him with each rehearse, but I also realize how Nayvia’s inexperience in the field also transforms into my own problem.

Since she it’s not the only artist I’m currently representing I am able to compare what’s been the experience with one or the other. In a first impression, experienced artists know what they have to do, they know for sure whats their input into the equation, but sometimes I feel I need to remind my artist to do the basic tasks a singer like her must do (as rehearsing constantly).

Keep her motivated also it’s being quite difficult and I can totally understand that. Sometimes I feel like I have failed to let her realize that what’s going on it’s a huge opportunity. Does she know’s it is? I mean, it’s not because I’m the best manager of the world but, I brought Berklee in her life.

A lot of people have recognized her talent. Every time she performs somewhere, even if it’s an informal thing, people show her respect and admiration. I guess the lack of “hunger” its out of the managers hands. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a little stressed.

Developing talent in inexperienced people is not an easy job, but I’ll keep working with her to figure out what’s the best approach to this type of innate musicians.

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