Welcome Home Meek Mill… Philly’s Back!

The streets of Philadelphia were excited to welcome home the infamous native rapper Meek Mill home after a six month stint in prison for a “presumed” probation violation.  As one of the major entertainers to make it out of the hood to become a leader in the hip hop industry, Meek Mill coming home was a big deal not only for his fans worldwide, but for the streets that raised him in Philadelphia, PA, “North Philly” to be exact!.  The notorious and diehard “Philly Fan”comes into play for sports, cheesesteaks, and music.  As one of those official diehard fans, this moment marked one time where I wish I was actually home from Valencia for the “holidays”!

The above video explains his real “Started From The Bottom Now We Here” story in an artistic way.  As a native Philadelphian I can share the value of his talent and his release.  This marks the re-entrance of the city that Meek Mill carries on his back to the pop music and entertainment world.  Him, along with comedian Kevin Hart are the only people who represent the “City of Brotherly Love” in entertainment culture.  Previously, Philadelphia has been recognized as one of the most artistically cultured cities in America.  Birthing talents of incredible entertainers like Patti Labelle, Boyz II Men, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Frankie Beverly & Maze, and the list goes on.  However, in the current years, Meek Mill has been the only musical phenom from Philly that has come out, went mainstreamed, and stayed mainstream.  Perfectly put in relation to Meek Mill’s return home, Philly’s back!

Now that Meek’s home, his new album is set to release pretty soon.  His time in prison pushed back the initial release date in September back.  I cannot wait until his second studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money is released because even if the Eagles don’t win the Superbowl and the Sixers don’t win the NBA championship it does not matter because Meek Mill is out and he said he’s never going back, so Philly’s back and here to stay!

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