Dirty Loops: Top 40 Songs With a Jazz Flavor

Similar to my previous post on 2Cellos, Dirty Loops are a band that gained alot of popularity through word of mouth of their YouTube videos. The trio take popular modern songs and add their on jazz/funk element onto it.  The Swedish band consists of a keys player and vocalist, a 6 string bass player who plays the most unusual bass lines for the song they cover, and a drummer.


They are currently signed to a management deal with Swedish producer, Andreas Carlsson.  “The group’s videos have now garnered a total of 19 million YouTube views to date, and their first original single, “Hit Me,” has just entered theTop 10 in Japan” as per their website.

They have a very raw image, with all their pictures and video  and even the website mostly in black and white.


Here are some of their more popular songs

Dirty Loops have toured Asia and now are currently in the process of touring Europe. There are several cover bands with a large following on YouTube. A famous example is Boyce Avenue who have done several covers of famous songs. The try to completely replicate the song acoustically. However Dirty Loops takes away that conventionality and adds a flavor of their own.


Hear Boyce Avenue’s version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep…

Now hear Dirty Loops’ version of the same song that they are well known for.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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