Obsessive 音楽 part #1

Japan,the second largest music market in the world, mixing tradition and modernism, different point of views of the music industry, those are some characteristics that Japanese music industry has.

It is ILLEGAL to sell a CD for less than $25, CD market is still the biggest making up over 85% in the market, a country were the illegal download revolution never happen. Steve McClure he was born in the United States, he has been leaving in Japan more than 17 years and this days he is Formerly Billboard magazine’s Asia Bureau Chief. In the next video he talk a fast and very interesting summary of the music Industry in Japan:

As Steve said they have made their own industry. When somebody talks about J-pop (Japanese pop) first name that comes to your head is the name AKB48, is the biggest group of Japan with more than 40 members, all girls, they had record sales of over $226 million. Yasushi Akimoto the chief producer of the group made a big business with this.

“I just want to make super stars from ordinary girls”

here an Interview:


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