I’m surprised I didn’t blog on these guys in my first post of unusual music. I heard the 2Cellos for the first time when they opened for Sir Elton John at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in November 2011. Their opening act consisted of U2’s With or Without You, Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and Guns and Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle to name a few. They were then invited back on stage as ‘orchestra’ musicians for the Elton John concert.

Their unusualness is clearly portrayed  through their music. The Cello’s are meant to be elegant, classical instruments, and as the audience in the Thunderstruck´ video react cannot be better described as a typical reaction to anyone watching this Croatian duo for the first time.

They are a typical YouTube example of fame through word of mouth upon release of their Smooth Criminal Cello cover.

They found a niche and were offered to tour with one of the most prominent British artists, Sir Elton John. Once they were done with that tour, they toured as a duo and have received worldwide recognition. In addition to touring, they have also released 2 albums with  a 3rd one expected in the near future.


What I  particularly like about them is their ability to break boundaries of different genres and take the Cello to a whole new ‘never seen before’ level and their onstage presence. Enjoy the videos!


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