Concert Review: The Metropole Orchestra, my CE’s prospective


As my culminating experience in the Master’s Program at Berklee, I’m part of the organization team for a non-profit concert that would take place in Valencia in 2015.

The concert will feature Jacopo Mezzanotti (Italian Guitar Player) as the main artist. The show will consist mainly in original Jazz compositions arranged for a Jazz trio, a Symphony Orchestra and a Jazz Big Band, all on stage.

Today I want to show what was the inspiration for this project: the Metropole Orchestra.


The Metropole Orchestra, founded in 1945 in Netherlands, is the leading musical project that makes arrangements for both jazz and pop using the hybrid format of a Symphony Orchestra and a Jazz Big Band all together.

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Let’s check out a selection of some of my personal favorite collaborations with this orchestra.

The first time I heard about it was because of Steve Vai, one of my big musical influences and favorite artists.

Steve Vai released a DVD in 2007 called “Visual sound Theories”, played and recorded live with the Orchestra. The concert’s first act consisted mainly of popular songs from Steve arranged for the orchestra. The second part consisted of original compositions for orchestra format. He didn’t play in this part. In fact, he is watching the show.

This is “Frangelica”, performed by the Metropole Orchestra for Steve Vai:

Take a look at this beautiful version of his song “Gentle Ways”.

Pat Metheny also recorded with the orchestra in 2003. His concert is the reference and style “simile” inspiration for what Jacopo is arranging for the concert we are planning.

I will finish showing what guitarist Jacopo Mezzanotti did in a similar way  with his band “Joe Midnights space trio” and the S.C Orchestra. This footage was recorded live at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag on January 2014.

I encourage everyone to be ready for this big project we are making by the end of May/beginning of June 2015 (to be announced). With your assistance, you will also be helping to raise funds for local NGO “Música para el Autismo” (MUA) in Valencia.

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