Concert Review: MTV Unplugged (part 3: 2000’s and the present/future of music)

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Finally, we reached the 2000’s. New music revolution is starting. I think that early 2000’s was the “agro-rock” era for MTV. Bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Korn and Deftones were trend.

What is most interesting is the fact that this aggressive genre could find a way to be arranged into acoustic. In 2006, Korn recorded an Unplugged, having as guests Amy Lee, Robert Smith and Simon Gallup.

Notice the comparison between the original version and the unplugged:

Moving to Latin America, one of my favorite bands from Chile, “La Ley” recorded an MTV Unplugged on 2001. I remember the transmission on MTV was very late, and I was in primary school, so my brother set a VHS tape reproducer/recorder to record it so I could watch it the day after. (The first Chilean band to perform in MTV Unplugged was “Los Tres” at 1995.)

This version of “Mentira” Unplugged become so famous, that the band sometimes played the song 2 times on their concerts for each version. This version featured Mexican singer Ely Guerra as guest.

It was also an “unplugged era” for pop and soul artists, such as Ricky Martin (2006), Aicia Keys (2005), Adele (2009), even Katy Perry (2009).

Classic Rock is not dead! In 2013, Scorpions made an MTV Unplugged in Athens.

Finally, we get to 2014. Pop, Mainstream EDM and Indie rock are trending music.

Though that I personally don’t like Miley Cirus’ music, her 2014 unplugged is pretty good. Actually, is way more sophisticated and minimalist than all the “typical sexual buzz” associated to Miley.

Thank you very much for reading all these MTV Unplugged series. As we see, there is a consistent relationship between the different genres playing unplugged with the trend of those times. My big question is, what comes next?

I would like to see a “David Guetta goes Unplugged” or “Daft Punk RAMplugged” kind of show.

Until Next time!



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