Growing Up, Part II

Remember how the image Miley created for “Can’t Be Tamed” didn’t resonate quite well enough? Well, her next move (which you all know) hit it out of the park. Let’s take a moment to enjoy:

“We Can’t Stop” in Bangerz, 2013

She’s brought her imagery back to the everyman (everywoman?) approach – featuring herself in situations her fans are better able to connect to, and pushing the limits. Unlike “Can’t Be Tamed,” which was centered on fantasy, this new image is rooted strongly in relatable activities, but being more rebellious, defiant, and independent than most of her fans likely are. By doing this, she puts herself in the lead of a generational movement. This is a wise decision, one that probably considered the response to her previous album as part of the concept design.

In addition to cultivating a new image, Miley has developed her voice. She’s less dark and more free, while not returning to the whine. The themes are rebellious, but supportive of things that are important to her target audience: friends, fun, and love (well, lust).

Even though this was probably the best move Miley could make, it’s not the move I wish for her. Listen to what I stumbled upon:

This isn’t an original song for Miley, but a cover of “Jolene,” which she performed in 2012 in a series called The Backyard Sessions.

This is the most beautifully I have ever heard Miley sing ANYTHING. This is artistry, technique, and quality content all in one.


And now I am off my soapbox.

One thought on “Growing Up, Part II

  1. hey Megan! I completely agree! she did an MTV Unplugged version (which you can check in last of a 3 episode series I’ve posted) on 2014 which is really good.

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