Concert Review: Elial @ Sala Russafa

Following my post on Oct 23rd 2014, Elial finally displayed their newly launched album, Dentro to an audience of almost 200 at the Sala Russafa hall in Valencia, Spain. A technical glitch delayed the anxious audience for nearly 30 minutes, but that minor frustration seem to fade away as soon as Elial kicked off with Erasmos.


Audience crowd waiting out the delay. 

The stage was simply crafted with the drummer Hugo, planning all the lighting. 10 simple ‘Ikea’ looking lamps completed the backdrop of the stage and was used as a projector screen. Cheap but innovative and visually appealing. IMG_7111 The 4 piece band seemed to be very comfortable and very well rehearsed as they powered through their 10 song set list.

FullSizeRender (4)

Alberto and Eli, the founding members of the band, threw in the occasional joke or two to engage with the audience, however over all audience engagement seemed a bit lacking.

A surprise appearance by the ‘Luz’ music video actor Raul Hauman was a welcome unusual surprise. Raul took to the corner of the stage and reenacted his part in the music video.


Each song was performed to perfection with their finale song Oscuridad ending to the roar and standing ovation of the entire hall.


Elial‘s album seems to be off to a steady start. A tour needs to be planned around Spain to build more audience.

Some more pictures of the highlights of the concert:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)10351916_1016774081682468_6891205705469646434_n10151798_1016774188349124_3247524754861052853_nIMG_7114

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