A brief overview of the music festivals in the Valencia region.

From the local and national acts that perform at Deleste Festival, to the global performers at Summer’s festival in nearby Benicàssim, the Valencia area’s music festivals are as eclectic as the city itself.

The city of Valencia is known as one of Spain’s best musical centers. A vibrant local music scene is evidence of its musical tradition that goes back centuries. The people are avid music lover and makers, and this passion has been passed from generation to generation. Traditional folk music and dance, with its origins in early Iberian, Roman and Moorish cultures, is still very popular in the city today, while Brass bands are found in almost every village in the region and play a key part in festivals. Today between 80% and 90% of the professional wind and brass musicians performing in Spain are from Valencia province, while many others are playing in different world known international orchestras.


This is the reason why Valencia is a musical standout from the other Spanish cities, and why the professional woodwind and brass valencia musicians are considered to be one of the best in the world.

During the 80’s, the Valencia music dance scene got heavily dominated by Bakalao, a dance music that appeared in the clubs and bars of the city and its surrounding communities. While pop and rock were forms enjoyed and played by many local musicians there was a strong tendency towards electronica in the region. A decade later, techno music entered the scene in the 90’s, while in early 2000, heavy influence from schrantz of northern Europe dominated the music scene. Today minimal techno is popular and more recently the Trip-Tek style as attributed to outfits such as Electrika-MixTek. Rock and Ska music is also common all throughout the region.

With influence form traditional music that goes back to several hundreds of years, plus new genres of music that have entered the city, it’s not a wonder that the music scene today is an interesting, yet harmonious jumble of different genres.

bakalao    3

The music festival are also incredibly extensive and diverse. In fact, this region has the best attendance figures in Spain. Using data from 2014 editions, one of the largest festivals, the Arenal Sound Festival (Burriana) was attended by nearly 250.000 people, followed by the Rototom Sunsplash (Benicàssim) that receive 240.000 visitors. Other Spain’s most important international festival is the FIB Heineken (Benicàssim) which this summer attracted 150.000 people. There are many other festivals like the Low Festival (Benidorm) that has around 75.000 visitors each year, or the Electrosplash (Vinaròs) that has been nominated as Best Festival for the National Awards for Music Electronics Vicious Music Awards 2014.

Here’s a brief overview of other festivals in the Valencia community area:

SanSan Festival: 2-5 April 2015, Gandia. http://sansanfestival.com

SURFORAMA: 22, 23 May 2105 Valencia (La Rambleta) https://www.facebook.com/SurfORamaFestival

Music Beside Comedians: 3 and 4 April, 2015. Sagunto

FIGA14: Gata de Gorgos (Alicante) – 30 Augost – https://www.facebook.com/gatafanclub ; http://www.gatafanclub.com

MareNostrum Festival: Valencia, 11 and 12 July – http://www.marenostrummusicfestival.com

CREAMPOP Festival: Playa de la Fossa – Calpe (Alicante). 15 Augost http://creampopbenissa.com/

Pinup Fest: Xiringuito El melic – Playa de Oliva (Valencia)
15 Augost – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pin-Up-Fest/156975267770577?fref=nf

Electropop Alfara : Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia)
22 , 23 Augost – http://electropopalfara.es/


AspeSuena: 1, 2 Augost, Aspe, Alicante –

EMDIV MUSIC: 28 June – Elda (Alicante)

Electromar Festival : 11 -13 July, Bigastro (Alicante)

FRA ALAQUÀS: Parc de la Sequieta – Alaquàs (Valencia)
30 Augost – http://www.festifra.net/

Aupa Lumbreiras : Villena, 14 Augost

QFestival Alzira: 19 September, Alzira (Valencia)
http://qfestival.es ; https://www.facebook.com/qfestivalalzira

IBOGA festival: 24, 25 and 26 July, playa de Cullera

ELECTROBEACH: Agosto, Benidorm (Cancel edition 2104)

There are seemingly more live music options in this region than ever before, with festivals becoming a primary destination for music fans looking to see dozens of artists.


http://www.musicanova.net/valbandinfo.htm; http://www.whatvalencia.com/valencia-music.html

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