Two Great Guitarists – One Agency

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, David Passick runs one of the most important agencies for jazz artists. Over the years, Passick has worked with Herbie Hancock, Don Was and Art Garfunkel. He is also highly active in the film and television industry. He worked as a music supervisor for the television show Miami Vice and co-produced an award winning documentary about the life of Brian Wilson called I Just Wasn’t Made for these Times.

Passick’s partner, Jack Leitenberg, got started in the industry as the promotor for a Nightclub in NYC called The Bottom Line. During this time, artists such as Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, and Tony Bennett performed there.

David Passick Entertainment’s current roster includes Kris Bowers, Nir Felder, and one of my personal favorites, Lionel Loueke. Loueke surely was connected to DPE through Herbie, who has performed and recorded with Lionel Loueke quite a bit. Nir Felder has just come out with a terrific album called Golden Age featuring Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, and Nate Smith. Felder and Loueke are truly a couple of the top jazz guitarists today. It’s fitting they are working with the same agency.!videos/cj3j

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