Concert Review: MTV Unplugged (part 2: 90’s)

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Back in the 90’s, MTV Unplugged became popular worldwide and was an opportunity for new artists for gathering new audiences.

Interesting crossovers start happening. In 1991, MTV Unplugged transmitted by first time a rap show, featuring: LL Cool J, MC Lyte, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, accompanied by a 5 musicians band called Pop’s Cool Love. For me, it’s almost the first time I’ve ever heard rap in this way. It has something special; perhaps more organic sound at the same time as all energy is focused on the singers without the traditional DJ’s set.

90’s also was the era of grunge to strike on all teenagers on their rebel inside. Memorable presentations were Pearl Jam (1992), Nirvana (1993) 5 months before Kurt Cobain’s death, Stone Temple Pilots (1993) and Alice In Chains (1996) being one of front man Layne Staley last performances live before his death also.

Some of the prominent presentations was Eric Clapton’s (1992), which album became the bestselling Unplugged album in the US, with more than 10 million sales. Also, The Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” (1994) version of “Hotel California” is a well known classic worldwide.

MTV Unplugged was also a window for non-English speakers. Roxette on 1993 was the first one. On 1994, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs were the first latins to perform, followed by Charlie Garcia (1995), Soda Stereo (1996) and Shakira (1999), who’s show was the first latin Unplugged album to win a Grammy. The first big concert I ever assisted was Shakira’s, when I was over 10.

to be continued…

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