Berklee- Alumni Member- Charlie Puth

Berklee Alumni member, Charlie Puth has been gaining a lot of attention online. The 22-year old hit the 31 million net views on Youtube at the age of 20 instantly gaining recognition by The Boston Herald.

Visit the following website for the news article.

What I find fascinating about Charlie Puth, is his extreme vocal range and tonal quality. One of his best videos on Youtube is his cover of Sia’s Chandelier which exemplifies that range.


In addition his covers, his original work dives deep into a variety of harmonies and takes a unusual approach to the modern sound.  Instagram Models is an example of this.

However, I am not the biggest fan of the image he has created through his music videos and Facebook page.  There is a sense of ‘boyishness’ that needs to be changed.

All his other videos are ‘bedroom-made’ which is undervaluing his potential and worth as a exemplary musician.

Puth has also partnered up Emily Luther to create more music covers. They seem to gel pretty well however the partnership is ‘diluted’ when Charlie takes the low key.

What I would have liked to hear was him taking the higher note while she stays on the low key. Kind of like a Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham partnership.

I see alot of potential in Charlie Puth, His 400,000 + Youtube subscribers is a mere reflection of his ability and demand. But as mentioned, an image makeover is much needed.

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