Concert Review: MTV Unplugged

Hello everyone, and happy thanks giving for my USA friends!

This time I want to make a series of blogs for reviewing the history and evolution of the famous MTV Unplugged, from its origins to recently Miley Cirus’ version.

I want to start with an interesting quote I found on an article:

images People know this, but they don’t necessarily remember this: MTV used to air music. Not 20-second snippets of the new Katy Perry jam before a 16-hour Jersey Shore marathon, but videos, documentaries, concerts, and more. If there was one place you were going to get your music fix on television, MTV was where you’d go. Everything they aired was original, since there was no real competition– at the time, anyway– and one show that would always appear just when you thought it was time they do another one was MTV Unplugged. This show’s premise remained simple. Producers would take some of the biggest names in rock/pop/hip-hop and see what happened when they cut the power, the amps, the beats, and the stadiums. Instead, they would supply them with acoustic instruments in an intimate setting and have them perform their biggest hits.

The fact that today’s most MTV’s content is not music is another interesting/sad discussion, but let’s talk about history now.

MTV Unplugged concept was born on the late 80’s, created by producers Robert Small and Jim Burns, in inspiration with several acoustic and informal set ups done on the 70’s and 80’s by another artists such as Elvis, The Beatles, and a famous UK show called “The secret policeman’s Ball”. The second version of this show in 1981, which became very famous in the US, included artists Sting, Phill Collins and Bob Geldof. On the late 80’s, bands like Jethro Tull and Bon Jovi also start making live acoustic appearances.

MTV Unplugged first season had 13 episodes, hosted by singer/songwriter Jules Shear. The first episode was aired on November 26th, 1989, which feautured band Squeeze (UK) and artists Syd Straw (US) and Elliot Easton (US, Berklee Alumni!).

to be continued…

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