Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic… Dust Yourself Off & Try Again

If you Google “Aaliyah Biopic”, the first returned feed is entitled “America Hated Aaliyah Biopic, Twitter reacts as expected“.  With any grand television release, the success is often measured by the tweets and social media posts related, whether it be a new movie, an award show, or in this case a “biopic” that did not do the deceased songstress any justice.  The second returned feed is “Did the Aaliyah Biopic at least get the fashion right“.


Since the death of this beautiful, fashionable, and extremely talented young singer in a tragic plane crash in 2001, her fan base has long-awaited a film to honor and celebrate her life.  The movie that Lifetime network aired on Saturday, Nov. 15th did exactly the opposite.  Everything from the casting and music to having the accurate dates of significant events went wrong.  The only way to salvage a biographical film to commemorate her life is to live out some of Aaliyah’s most notorious lyrics, “Dust yourself off and try again“!  Try again with a new cast, a better and more accurate story line, a new production team, and a new network.  Aaliyah was well liked and her artistry was greatly appreciated because she embodied a genuine and pleasant character.  Til this day she is still one of my favorite singers/ dancers/ actors.  Often referred to as “baby girl” since she was young and ahead of her time, any impression of her has to be top-notch & exceed expectations because if not, America is not having it!!

Check out Aaliyah’s former producer, advisor, manager, and “big brother”, notorious producer Timbaland’s response to the Aaliyah biopic.  Also several memes posted on social media are shown in this video.

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