Artist Review: Itzel Salinas (part 3: final thoughts for Deimusaranea’s Demo)


Let’s move forward to the remaining part of this fantastic music.

2. Lago Mercurio (mercury lake)

Dirty bass riff at the beginning. Something very slow is happening and converging into one form. The music shows you a very interesting landscape. Very interesting sounds made with the whammy-like and the tremolo FX in the guitar.

At about 2:42, the guitar stabilises and starts making a bluesy melody and feel. As if there is a playful ambience in this “place”, the whammy screams portrait as if people were laughing ironically. The beat is constant and repetitive, so it drives me into an interesting trance.

Around 5:37, the song starts changing its rhythm and melody. Still submerged on the same land and the same feelings, little by little the sensation is that you are escaping from something.

Around 7:36, it’s quieter, as if you were sneaking, walking quiet. Around 8:11 the song explodes like if something in this place is turning really dangerous, but you still feel curious and sneaky.

I feel “ironic bluesy melodies” that merge into strange screams and high pitch sounds. Around 11:00, something is happening to this atmosphere. As if everything slowed their tempo. Very dark bass melody, reminds me to Tool. Lost in time and space. Perhaps this is the effect of falling into the “mercury lake”. A very dense mass that makes matter changes its form and dimensions. You try to talk but you feel very, very slow. Perhaps gravity is also increasing, and you feel more weigh.

Slowly, things start to flow again and becoming a constant stream (perhaps constant scream?). Around 12:52 you could hear even birds! In this world this may be an illusion, hallucination or even a parallel time travel. It’s the picture of an echo of the past. It is clear that the place is no longer the same.

Check out the live version here:

3. Tamborilero de Santa Soledad (Holy Loneliness Beater)

The song has an energetic and powerful intro, more “harmonically friendly”. Reminds me of a big circus. It’s a psychedelic feel of happiness, but with this condiment of awkwardness and obscurity.

The sax solos give the song a ludic feel. Good play between chromatics and harmonic minor oriental riffs. It’s a party, dance and jumping theme.

Around 4:00, they begin to do this “full circle” round, looping and increasing the velocity. After this section, there’s a sad and nostalgic feel like “everything has an end” and has to go back to normal.

Suddenly “death” is there again. The question is then… what is normal, as referred above? May be the awkward sensation of living in a “false” circus?

Around 6:10 drums start announcing something, intensity is growing, oriental melodies came in (princesses dancing). When you are starting to engage with the song again, it suddenly stops surprisingly.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 20.15.22

Thank you for reading my thoughts and descriptions about this fantastic music. All my regards to my friend Itzel, and her band Deimusaranea. I truly think we will start hearing more about these guys very soon.

Feel free to share your opinions, and suggesting material for me to review (perhaps, send me your demos!, I love receiving mailboxes!)


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