Qult, Something New For Hip-Hop

A few weeks ago, while in Berlin Germany for the Rethink Music Venture Day, I took a break to grab a bite to eat in the city center.  While walking to get a sausage I heard some booming hip-hop beats in the direction of a big crowd.  Of course, I was drawn to hear more and become part of that crowd.  I saw three guys and a DJ captivating a sidewalk full of people with their German rap lyrics, and song.

Since I am not fluent in the German language, I did not know what they were rapping about but I knew it was hip hop.  The one member of the group who sung the chorus also had lyrical talent.  He was my favorite.

The three band members had different rhyming styles, one was fast and chaotic with his tunes.  The other had a slower flow with a deeper and smoother voice.  And the singer/ rapper brought every song home by keeping the momentum of the audience going as he switched up his flows.  The group’s DJ stayed on top of things and continually walked out in the crowd to make sure the sound was right and up to par.  Throughout the entire performance, Qult had representatives walking around with flyers that had their contact and social media info.

This is definitely a group that I would love to do A&R for!

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