Artist Review: Itzel Salinas (part 2: Deimusaranea – La Cabalgata de la Musaraña)


Continuing with Itzel Salinas’ artist review, let me introduce you with her band “Deimusaranea”.

Deimusaranea is:

Antonio Escamilla (Electric Guitar)

Ramsés Guevara (Drums)

Sinuhé Guevara (Electric Bass)

Itzel Salinas (Tenor and Alto Sax)

Deimusaranea's 3 song Demo

Deimusaranea’s 3 song Demo

The band started in 2010 just with guitar and drum experimentation, giving birth to a 5 song EP. At mid 2011’s, bass guitar was added and finally at 2012, Itzel joins the band playing sax.

The band self describes as a mixture of rock, stoner, jazz, progressive, psychedelic and noise, with their intensity and complexity in their sounds as a main characteristic.

This is true as you listen their music. There is a “constant creepy” feel of chaos and mutations through their sound. It’s full of dark musical colors and a “root of absurd”, perfectly described in their conceptual artwork. Beautiful.

See here for more artwork:

So now I would like to describe briefly their music from my personal prospective and review the 3 songs corresponding to the band’s new Demo that Itzel gave me as a gift.

  1. Cabalgata de la Musaraña (Ride of the Shrew)

The song starts with the feeling that something is becoming bigger. Dark chords surround this “growth” and gives a creepy color atmosphere. The sensation of scary things can be enhanced thanks to the tremolo and the guitar FX.

Slowly, the drum beats starts increasing intensity as the guitar screams with the wha-wha. The song “explodes” and melody changes into a more regular pattern around 3:15. It’s still “perturbing”. Around 4:00 the climax ends, giving intro to the second part of the song.

A powerful guitar riff, giving the sensation that this “something” has life and “can walk, and has its own personality”. The section has time changes and very bluesy riffing.

Around 8:17 the song has its second breakdown. Some screaming echoes (very “Pink Floydian”), perhaps “the beast has devastated the city”, and everything has been turned into shadows and screams.

Chaos and fear surrounds. We can hear a voice saying “una musaraña, y su cabalgata” (a shrew and its ride) and suddenly the fast section begins again, as if the mystery has already been solved.

Around 12:15 there is another breakdown, with a repetitive loop and if like this big thing has gone but the fear is never gone. Around 13:41 the last section of the song begins. We can notice a more reflective and positive melody, but still unstable. It goes back to the beginning… and then its over. Peace?

On next post I will finish reviewing the 2 remaining songs of this fantastic piece of art.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings, and if you want me to review any artist or concert, just write it!

Until next time


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