The Backpacker Hostel Live Music Venue


One of my first live music venues that I performed at in Singapore was the Prince of Wales Little India Hostel and Bar. The venue, at the time, was owned by an Australian entrepreneur who set up a backpacker hostel and decided to also use the lobby space as a bar. Seeing potential in live music, he also set up an indoor and outdoor stage. Being a low cost business, he used a sub-par system which was set up and torn down by the artist playing that night.


Despite the low grade system and odd outdoor stage set up, the highlight of this venue was the Sunday Open Mic sessions. Backpackers from all around the world who were staying at the hostel would come down and be part of the open mic. I found this to be a great way to interact and share the stage with people from all around the world (See picture below).


The venue has now been sold to different owners, and with this change in ownership, features of the venue have also been changed. However, the Sunday open mic session is still rocking every week and continues to draw in a crowd consisting of live music enthusiasts, alcoholics and musicians.

I am writing this blog to share an unusual venue. Please share some of the unusual live music venues that  have exposed you to some amazing musicians…

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