What’s up in Valencia music scene

I have just seen this on YouTube and I love it!

This is a video interview series “Digging Records with” hosted by German leader Drinks Company, also quite well known for being associated with sponsorship. The famous herbal liqueur tries to develop global branding strategy that associates the brand to rock music in Europe, US and Australia.

In the second installment of that series, they went to FLEXIDISCOS, the référence music store in Ruzafa (Valencia, Spain) for vinyl lovers, and interviewed these two valencian bands:




In the video they recommend the following records …. why?

  1. ARIES: A nice listen on a sunny morning!
  2. TODO-TODO: Valencian mad rock from the 80’.
  3. CARMONAS: Four young girls making fresh wild punk from Valencia.
  4. LLOYD COLE HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS, “Selected Studies Vol. 1”: Just because is from Bureau-b, must be excellent.
  5. FASENUOVA: electronics, in good taste.
  6. BETUNIZER, “Gran Veta”: the song “El Ritmo Que Tu Tienes” : One of the best songs in spanish ever made.
  7. ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO: is a Spanish industrial band formen in the early 1980s
  8. FANTASMAGE: indie punk, with perfect riffs, ideal to ride after a long night party.

And other mentioned bands are:

COÀGUL, “La Roda de la Justícia”

An interesting way to enter their world and their music and a brief outline of the Valencian music scene and market.

I had to share!! Amazing!

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