Tech Culture: Put Your Phones Away!

Imagine you are going to see a concert you have anxiously waited to attend… now imagine you have to disconnect yourself from the world… by this I mean – no updating your status on twitter, no posting videos on Facebook, no uploading photos on Instagram, no texting, no calling – nothing! You will actually have to experience what is like to be completely unplugged and enjoy the musical experience during that moment in time. Sound crazy??

In reality, it is not that crazy. This is actually what Yondr now delivers. Yondr is a smartphone case that entraps your mobile device during live events to prevent texting, calling, app checking, video recording, taking photos, etc. It requires audience members to be present.



Welcome to the future! A future where such things need to be created in order for us to go back to the basics… being present and enjoying real life moments without silly distractions. Technology allows us to stay connected 24/7 but is it ruining our experiences? Both music artists and venues are supportive of Yondr. There is a time and place for technology… it is clear that it should not be 24/7. Yondr wants to show audience members how powerful a moment can be when we are not so focused on documenting it or broadcasting it.

So, Is Yondr out to take away our technological rights? Not at all. Yondr is not anti-technology. It simply seeks to encourage us all to truly experience concert and live events the way they were designed to be experienced. To really listen the music and pay attention to everything that is going on in our surroundings. There should be a time when it is ok to unplug… to go “off the grid”… After all, you have anxiously waited for that amazing concert for weeks!! Might as well put away your phone and enjoy the show.

images !!!

To learn more about Yondr and view the article that served as inspiration for this blog post, visit this link –

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