New Zealand #1

Traditional/folk Maori music is micro-tonal and when there participate more singers, it is unison, then appeared the  Kapa Haka this is the fusion of Maori music with the new european harmony and instruments like the guitar, this was one of the big steps to make pop. Yessss, First pop song written in the 1940s by Ruru Karatiana and recorded 9 years later by Pixie Williams, this is how pop music started in this amazing country.

Television in the 60’s was a very important resource for the increase of music knowledge and popularity, this helped Pixie seal more than 50,000 copies. In the 70’s we can hear Phil Judd and the Finn brothers, Neil Finn is the primary songwriter and creative director of Crowded House, he made this band with the drummer when he moved to Australia.

too be contined…

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