The Next Big Thing: Wearable Devices??

Wearable TechHow many of you love convenience? There seems to be a new trend on the rise: wearable devices!! We have already seen wearable devices such as the FitBit or the Apple Watch gaining popularity. This is due to the fact that consumers love new technology that have a coolness factor as well as promote convenience. Think about the way we all carry our mobile devices everywhere we go. This is exactly what is expected to happen with wearable devices in the future. The main difference between mobile devices and wearable devices will be the fact that wearable devices will continue to evolve making them effortless to use therefore making them more attractive than the regular mobile devices. Take a look at the chart below…


Recently done research has shown that consumers are very much interested in these wearable devices. The chart depicts the multiple devices that can be developed based on the consumers wants/needs. For this same reason, more and more are interested in learning about this trend on the rise. It is important to understand how these wearable devices will influence demand as well as how they will ultimately affect our lives – whether that be for the better or worse. The most important question in my head is… how will these wearable devices influence the music industry in the future?

If you would like more information on this topic, check out this link. There you can find the article that served as inspiration for this blog post –

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