BioBeats: Changing the Game

Entertainment & Health Care coming together as one in a very cool way.

I’d like to introduce you to BioBeats: an entertainment and health care company that focuses on using technology and adaptive media to positively impact consumers health and wellness. They use experiments in the form of apps that respond to users, collect data, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

We live in a world where our devices and media reach to us. We believe it should be a conversation. – BioBeats

Two experiments/apps are currently available: (1) Pulse: A mobile application that generates music from the users hearts and (2) BioMuse: A mobile application that enables your body to search for music that fit the users current moods. BioBeats not only focuses on helping us feel better but also on making the journey fun and entertaining. This is simply awesome.

To learn more about BioBeats, visit the company’s website –

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