While doing a little bit of A&R work, I remember an artist I had heard off in Singapore. Going by the name of These Brittle Bones, Chris Jones came out with his first EP at the age of 13. He is now 15 and is looking to release 2 EP’s by Christmas 2014. At the age of 15, Chris shows depth in his understanding of melody and composition and a maturity in his lyrics. He has described his genre as ambient piano folk.

Chris moved to Singapore from the Swansea, UK at the age of 8 and soon after found himself writing his own music. He is now nearing 2 years with manager Jonny Taylor and released a number of singles.

See below for 2 of his singles,  ‘Feckle’ and ‘Bloom‘.

He recently signed with a digital distributor, Believe Music (based out of the UK).Through this partnership, Chris is now on a number of social media and digital media platforms. You can see more of his online presence below:


Spotify –

Deezer –

Twitter –

Soundcloud –

Youtube –

Instagram –

Bandcamp –

After his self recorded, debut release EP, Leaving the Woods,  he was interviewed by Time Out Singapore where he describes his inspiration coming from “pieces of art, poetry, even tales I’ve heard from others”. (Full Interview –

What I like about Chris’ music is that is it is unexpected coming from a 15 year old. His music is extremely emotional and his lyrics complement his composition. The fact that he is young, means there is much room for development, emotionally and creatively. He would be ideal to be signed with an Indie label or a bigger label as his music has room to be collaborated with different genres.

I will be scheduling a call with Chris to learn more about his inspiration, his goals and his vision.

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