Music Festival Deleste – Valencia

This weekend the 3rd edition of a unique rock and electronic music city festival will take place in Valencia.

And I am pleased to announce that I will be on board!!


It all started thanks to the first TSOAM assignment last month. I checked my local contacts that were related to music and got in touch with them. One of those was a friend who use to always meet at concerts and festivals, for about 15 years. So we started to talk to each other again and one day of last week he proposed that I shadow him during the Deleste, to learn and help with the management. He is one of the people that run the Festival.

So, here I go!

I guess this will be an invaluable experience in a range of the different tasks from marketing and sales to even management. They are a young and vibrant team who are eager to contribute to the growth and popularity of the music scene in Valencia.

Take a look into this video, awesome!

Valencia needs cultural events. The people are avid of culture. There is a lot of talent and innovative ideas around the city and without the institutional support, we need to take the rains and  support the private initiatives that enhance the local music culture by all means . Mucha mierda!!

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