The Living Room Bar + DENTRO Launch


I continued to walk the streets of Valencia, looking for a venue that is uniquely different from most live music venues. I got an invite for an album launch of a local band Elial ( which has been gaining popularity after their release of their new album ‘Dentro.’ The Valencian band have been working on this album for about 6 months. The main recording of their album involved the band moving to a cabin in the hills where the main recording set up was.

For their launch, they decided to choose a local venue, La Vitti ( . Situated  2km away from the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the venue is like walking into your living room ( except with a massive bar). Furnished with leather chairs, bookshelves and  small round tables the cozy environment is built to keep the audience sitting for longer. Hardwood flooring complemented the furnishing and the Oakwood AER speaker system. For those who are not familiar with AER system, they are the Mercedes ( in fact they are German) of Acoustic amplification.


Below are some pictures of the venue and the event. You will notice the living room like decor and arrangement.

FullSizeRender IMG_6793 IMG_6798

With a small acoustic setup to talk about the album and play a few songs, Elial took the stage consisting of Alberto Amar ( Vocals, Guitar), Eli Rufat (Vocals, Synth and Keys), Dani Vidagany (Guitar) and Hugo Caminero ( percussion). Before kicking off, they presented a video clip of the making of their song Vacia

Despite not knowing Spanish, the song appealed to me in terms of vocal ability and melody. The guitar effects appealed to me the most and I can draw a comparison to U2’s  The Edge. I see a lot of potential in Elial as well as the venue and hence decided to share this experience.

Elial will be having a launch concert at the Sala Ruzafa on the 15th of November which I am very keen to check out.

I hope you all enjoy their music and buy the album which is available on iTunes.

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