Primus, & Using Willy Wonka to Spice Up Sales

Photo taken from IMDB

Photo taken from IMDB

This one goes out to all my friends that actually appreciated the original version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as well as my friends that acknowledge crazy bass lines from the experimental, perplexing, and enigmatic rock group known to many crazy people as Primus.  It’s great to see a band pay homage to great film, but they also did it with some serious bank account victories in mind.

If you watched Willy Wonka, you’d know that the story’s premise entails a chocolate maker, arguably diagnosable for schizophrenia, slipping five golden tickets respectively for five lifetime chocolate supplies into his brand of candy bars sold worldwide.  If you haven’t watched Willy Wonka to know of this yet, please educate yourself and watch it so this article doesn’t sound like absolute gibberish.

Primus ties all of this together with their new release, Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, which hit stores today.  The reason I gave a summary of the premise to Willy Wonka is Primus decided to, not only pay homage to it with their album title, but employ this concept of golden tickets into their record release.  Yes, there are “golden CD’s” inside random Primus CDs sold at the moment.  If a fan was to purchase a CD and get one of these golden treats, they would be entitled to a lifetime of free Primus concert tickets.  That’s right, a golden CD means you can watch Primus until your eyes or ears give out while your brain kicks the bucket from all the psychadelics you’ve been taking to enjoy the music.

On top of all of this, Primus is now selling Wonka-Primus-hybrid themed chocolate bars at each of their performances.  Titles and flavors of the chocolate bars are designed to pay homage to former Primus releases.  This, combined with the golden CDs, the theme of their album, and the theme of this album cycle’s live shows and presentations, call for one hell of a movie reference that can seriously make headlines.

Now, I’m not sure whether these ideas came from Les Claypool’s… uh, unique school of thinking, or Primus’ management.  Regardless, this whole album setup is a marketing genius move that not only boosts their record sales, but it adds a special element entirely to the Primus experience and discography.  This is a moment that fans will not forget, and certainly something that encourages you to get engaged and maybe look up a recent Wonka-themed Primus show on the internet.  Personally, I’m not a die-hard Primus fan, but I’m 100% behind creativity that marries both artistic expression and marketing success.  This way, the artist is happy with what they created and the management is happy that they don’t have to go bankrupt.  You get a party that can move onto the next big idea with confidence and us fans love that.

Of course, not all bands are all over the place like Primus.  It’s not easy to be this crazy, but that’s what the band specializes in.  They found their niche.  Not everyone has to make a Willy Wonka themed experience.  They just need to engage us fans in a way that suits their band’s style and school of thinking.  You’ll have happy fans and a happy bank account to make happier decisions in the future.  Plenty of happy overload.  Personally, I love it when my favorite bands do this.  So this is my way of saying, I want more.  When can the bands I look up to begin to think outside the box?


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