“China Doesn’t Need Any Body In Their Music Industry”

 China in 2013 revenues were estimated at US$81 million in the music industry. China has a population of 1.39 million, the Gross Domestic Product is US$13.000, Internet population 613 million users until Dec 2013. So now some of you is going to ask why so many numbers? OK, this is one of the main reasons why the music industry is so big in China, the most interesting fact that I found is that one of the biggest business in music are the ringtones,The mobil market is so big that gives the biggest revenues with the 27 % from just ringtones. In China there is a 613 million of internet population and the 75% of the complete population access to music online. This large country has for twice more internet users than the United States, but digital revenues here are about 1% than in the U.S.They have passed a big controversy with the Baidu deal ( they had a infringing Odeep links service) that helped changing things in the Chinese music Industry.

Sunny Chang, the president of Music Group International Greater China, Universal , said: “The Baidu deal was a trigger that led to other internet companies changing their approach and becoming licensed. We believe that in three to five years the market will be open and China could be one of the top markets in the world.”.

So there is a small summary why the title.

Yes Jackie Chan is a singer.

For the Berklee People a link from a Chinese band that visited Boston yesterday:


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