Libanon and kind of music industry!

The earliest evidence of civilisation in Lebanon dates back more than seven thousand years. But just a few comparing to the music industry.  The Lebanese music industry is benefiting from the availability of performers basically but it is really difficult to start the career and to have a “stable” music performance more than other countries, one of the problems is piracy because of the un-effective copyright laws, they still sell pirate cd’s and cassettes  so in the record sells you do not win, on the other hand is also the problem that it is difficult to approach the people because of recourses( streaming business). Musicians have to get out of their own countries to get known some gigs and most of the time just with their own money with no chance to find some sponsors, Music is the less important thing to care about in the city like they say in the video. Lebanese economic crisis also has affected to the music industry in a negatively way for example by banning a music CD because it was produced inIsrael.The music industry has  attracted many Arab owners that preferred to invest in it by providing loans. but this has not been enough to increase the music Industry. Lets see if in the next years this starts to change.

 I post here a video that is kind of old but is the only one I found like from any artist that don’t makes traditional music.

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