Africa and Music

Do you know any artist from Africa?

Music industry in Africa has evolved in the last years, like the complete continent. Nigeria and South Africa are the places were the most music production is happening, it is so rich in musical aspects because it covers a folk format but at the same time is embellished  with contemporary western music influences. Digital technology has been one of the biggest problems but this has been changing the past years and now it  is allowing the recording industry to effectively reach mass numbers of consumers across Africa for the first time. Across the continent, international record companies are working to establish innovative services and invest in A&R.

                       “The forecasts for smartphone growth in Africa over the next few years are staggering.”

Sean Watson, Sony Music Entertainment Africa

  Did you know that Africa has sold more than 550 albums of different kinds of music annually and record sales have more than tripled in the past five years? According to Obi Asika, the CEO of Storm Records which is a leading record label company in Nigeria, said that in 2011 mobile operators generated 150 million dollars selling ringtones and other music related services. There is one big example form a band it is called Die Antwoord they have developed a professional reputation on an international scale.

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