Local Live Music Scenes

I have always enjoyed exploring the local live music scene in whichever city I have lived in and visited. Open mics and jam sessions are my favorite. You get to meet interesting people, locals and expats, share each other’s culture, listen to them play some popular songs and improvise 12 bar solos. I guess being a musician myself made me like these events even more cause I often found myself jamming with people I was meeting for the first time. Living in Singapore gave me the unique opportunity  to jam with people from all over Asia. Playing the blues with a local percussionist, a British Guitarist, an Irish bass guitarist, a Singaporean fiddler and an American Dobro player is what I defined as the ultimate experience of music diversity. Until I got to Spain…

On my quest for live music, I found myself in an abandoned old stable ( Yes the kind meant for cattle/horses).

image1 image5

The Entrance to the “Underground” music venue.

“Welcome to the underground music scene” is what a familiar face told me. The following pictures are of one my frequented bars in Singapore, The Beast (www.facebook.com/thesgbeast). Now these are the kinds of venues I am used to visiting if I want live music.  Great service, good food, a variety of specialty brews, well thought out furnishings and an incredible PA system.

10203_345678162239445_734605062_n 10169176_385732778233983_5443463130912894997_n

On the contrary, the abandoned stable, as one would expect, was quite the opposite. Bricks all over, broken walls, bare wires running through the length of the ceiling, uncoordinated furniture, and just a few light bulbs to give the venue a delicate lighting. And then the music came on..


Interior of the venue


Odd mismatched furniture scattered around the venue

The band consisted of 2 guitarists, a bassist a hang drum(my first time seeing the beautiful instrument) and Cajon percussionist, a octopad player, a vocalist and a saxophonist. The best genre to describe their music was ambient music. The kind you hear in the background of a movie, or while playing a video game on your PlayStation. This was my first experience hearing this music live and it was a treat to the ears. It was a jam, nothing rehearsed, with each song lasting a minimum of 15 minutes. The music was mellow with the occasional upbeat build in tempo.

Watch a clip of the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g35wlq6cv3Y&feature=youtu.be

The audience maintained pin drop silence, something I found very unusual, as I have always associated live music with socializing.


Over the next few months I intend to post more about unusual and different live music venues and live music .

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