First Assignment in Global Music Business


One of my first homework assignments since arriving on Berklee Campus was to create an album cover and an accompanying 10 song track list about my personal life.  This assignment was for my Entrepreneurship and Innovation course.  After changing my cover idea several times, I stuck with the decision that the above cover and track list were most suitable.

The concept behind the idea of the “Fresh Princess” had a lot to do with the 90’s sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, in which a teenager from the city of Philadelphia, in search for a better a life, leaves the “hood” and moves to the suburbs of Hollywood, California.  Similarly, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and moved to the suburbs of Prince George’s County, Maryland after my single/ newly divorced mother got a new, higher paying, job.  Additionally, the use of a childhood photo imitated Lil Wayne’s, one of my favorite artist & music business men, Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV.  In turn, my 3 minute presentation of this assignment was a short freestyle using the original “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”‘s anthem with a twist of my own lyrics.  My classmates helped me out with a classic drumming on the desk to the theme song’s beat.

The track list of my album are all self made up titles that describe my journey from birth in Philly, my move to Maryland, my journey through high school and college to my growth of how to love and realizing my personal dreams and goals that I will accomplish.  Of course, I had a track dedicated to one of my favorite rappers/ actors/ activist/ poet/ human artists/ fine asses of all time, Tupac Shakur, in “My Letter To Tupac”.  The final track on the album is entitled “Super Bowl Champs”.  This is a metaphorical title, describing my sight of the “end zone”, and upon accomplishing my music career goals, I will be a champion.  Coincidently, it shares my confidence in my favorite NFL Team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and their journey to Super Bowl XLIX.

Here is the link to the original “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” Theme Song if you would like to get a visual idea of the “Fresh Princess”:

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