The Fratellis back on the road

In 2006, amongst the indie pop bands that were launching out of the UK, Scottish band The Fratellis managed to cause more of a stir than most.

The song that aided with this is one that holds a fond memory to many, it is called ‘Chelsea Dagger.’ Memories of this song might be a drunken haze, clinging arm in arm at the local pub or from when your sporting team scored that winning goal to get them into the final.

I recently interviewed the band as they made their way back to our shores for the first time in six years. Here is what Jon Fratelli, the lead singer had to say –

Carl: The music industry is a different place to when you first released Costello Music, your debut album. The digital age is in full force and Indie bands are much fewer. It would appear we are happier to lean our craft on a computer rather than an acoustic instrument. So how did the band have to adjust after coming out of the five year hiatus?

Jon: It’s easy when you don’t pay any attention, music’s only important if it’s important to you, worrying about the industry side of it doesn’t seem that important really.

C: How does it feel to be back together touring again and what has changed since you last came down under?

J: Well my hair is shorter, Mince has tattooed his head and Baz has one foot bigger than the other, also we’re far better to see live these days I reckon.

C: I know you mentioned in an interview at the end of last year that Chelsea Dagger is not necessarily one of your favourite songs. To date, what is the song you are most proud of?

J: I haven’t written it yet…that way I have a reason to get up in the morning….

C: At the end of last year, you said – “There’s nothing wrong with choruses. Choruses are not to be underestimated.” So what’s your favourite chorus from any song and why?

J: I said that? It might be true….there’s too many to mention but right here right now “She loves you yeah yeah yeah” springs to mind

C: You’re coming back to Australia after six years, what are some of your best memories from last time you were here, and what will you make sure you do again?

J: Well the first time we came over I saw some Crocodiles which was something I had on my list for a long time. The last time we were in Australia however we were in the huff with each other and didn’t play too well so we have some making up to do.

The Fratellis released their third studio album ‘We Need Medicine’ last October.

This is still my favourite song by the band to date.

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