Usher’s Comeback

Mr. Raymond Teases Fans with a Single Preview

I have been a longtime fan of Usher. I was too young to remember when his debut self-titled album came out (1994) or the arrival of his sophomore project My Way (1997), but boy do I remember 8701.

To me this album was the perfect compilation of R&B music that the industry needed at the time. It has since been certified as 4x platinum, with classic singles like “U Remind Me,” “U Got It Bad,” and “U Don’t Have to Call.”

After witnessing Usher grow as both a musician and a man, I enjoyed over a decade of great recordings, including his most successful album to date, Confessions (2004).

After the 2012 release of Looking 4 Myself, however, I began to question whether the career of Usher was beginning to show its age. Heavily incorporating genres besides R&B, including electronic, europop, and dubstep music, many fans were disappointed in the album’s lack of a more traditional and soulful sound.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I believe Usher is back!

Earlier this week, Usher released a sneak peek of his upcoming single “Good Kisser.”


Check it out below. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us next!


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