Creative Ways to Raise Money for Disrupción Records

 Put on a show at a local venue in Valencia featuring ALL four label artists plus guests. Have all the proceeds go towards the label.

A few of us have already taken part in organizing shows at a few different venues in Valencia. We have therefore built a micro network of promoters, venue owners etc… that we can leverage in order to raise money for the label.


Streamlining off of this first idea, Disrupcion records could expand the breadth of activities and include a touring department to the already existing A&R, Marketing and Legal departments. They could oversee the promotion of artists pre and post-release of material through local tours, and maybe reach into markets like Barcelona/Madrid depending on the style of music and contacts available to help. Again, whatever proceeds generated could be redistributed to the label. This could also open the possibility for an Accounting department of the label to open and facilitate keeping track of accounts etc…


Organize a house party where people are charged a few euros at the door. All proceeds go towards the label. This follows the rogue and somewhat underground concepts of ‘rent parties’, except here the money would not serve to pay for rent but would go into the label’s account.


Sell Label merchandise, three different t-shirt models. The efficient Disrupcion logo with tasteful color choices could be featured on the front, and a short line from the mission statement at the back. The vision would be to try and steer clear from the very specific and bulky band t-shirts, and go for a more refined, sober-looking, casual line. This way we could sell merchandise that is wearable not only for label supporters, but also for a broader audience.


Raise some love-money from friends and family. Despite the yearly turnover of students, and therefore family circles and friends, the sustainability of such an idea is arguably quite limited. However, the idea of a Kickstarter type of campaign on a yearly basis is not to be rejected. It could even be integrated with a Marketing class as a first semester elective, with the objective being to establish a collective crowdfunding campaign for the purpose of the record label.



Monetize blog content – Now this might be somewhat of a long shot. But there are a few options Berklee could look into to monetize the record label blog content. The least attractive option would be to feature Pay Per Click ads onto the label posts. A second option could be to have a custom search engine for Berklee blog posts integrated into the wordpress blog, and have sponsored results come up as top results by using Google AdSense etc…  They would therefore generate a bit of revenue for every click.

Third and finally, Berklee could develop a partnership with an online music business blog that would sponsor and pay the school to have students write articles about topics related to insider’s expertise on starting/working for an Indie music label or other music business related topics.


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