Giving fan ‘The Experience’ in a live show more important than going broke?!

Before we start, have a look at the video link below:

The flashing wristband technology in the video above costs Coldplay more than 400,000 pound a night and the band is reportedly going broke because of it. Flashing wristbands or Xylobands, have no other purpose than giving the show a very visually appealing experience. But the question remains, does a band like Coldplay, who would fill up the arena in any show on any given day, need to spend such a huge amount of money in order to retain its fans and keep their shows exciting? And if they do, how long will it be when this technology become saturated and the something new and more creative comes in the industry?

My opinion, yes, the experience of the fans at a live show is very important, but it is not worth spending almost all your performance fee on one single technology! I would rather prefer a band calling one of the fans on stage and sing along. Still, who knows?


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