Jack White’s World Record


Jack White fans should unquestionably highlight April 19th in their calendars, because on this day their idol will make them even more proud being fans. For the Record Store Day on the same day, Jack White has announced something special: the musician wants to record the title song of his new album “Lazaretto” in the studio of his label Third Man Records in Nashville and then (within 24 hours) directly press it on vinyl. Within hours, fans can then buy the record directly from the labels website, according to the website of Third Man Records.

While “Lazaretto” is pressed on vinyl, the artwork for the cover will be created at the same time.For this, photos of Jack White’s performance while recording are used and clamped in front of the medium. The finished Singles then go back to Third Man Records, where they are intended to be distributed among the people on the same day. With this feature, to manage the entire production of a single in only one day, Jack White could hit a world record. Whether he makes it or not all will be revealed in two weeks.The vinyl single will therefore be limited to a certain number of pieces: “As long as fans stand in line it will further be printed.”

White has been working on his new works for quite a while, a few days ago he announced the new album “Lazaretto” which appears in June 2014. With “Highball Stepper” White already published a first taste of the new record.


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