10 facts about the music of the Beatles that you (maybe) did not know …


In a Rolling Stone Article I found an interesting article naming 10 facts of Beatles recordings you might be interested in. For the first time I was impressed by an article like this:

The 49-year-old composer and sound engineer Scott Freimann has already followed the work of the Beatles at a young age and wrote a number of successful books about the band. For example, “Deconstructing Sgt Pepper”, “Looking Through A Glass Onion” from the “White Album” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” on “Revolver”.

As a sound engineer and Beatles expert, he has put together ten facts about recording techniques and musical references that you probably did not know:

1. Paul played the lead guitar on “Ticket To Ride”.

Widely recognized as a bass player, Paul McCartney played lead guitar in various pieces. As in “Ticket To Ride”, “Taxman”, “Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band” and “Good Morning Good Morning”.

2. The Kazoos in “Lovely Rita” have been recorded on pocket combs, wrapped in EMI toilet paper.

The toilet paper was “very thin,”  because EMI was really stingy. Their roady Mal Evans was sent so that he gets it.

3. The bridge in “A Day In The Life” was inspired by “Hey Joe”.

Paul McCartney was a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, directly after his arrival in the UK. Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” inspired the down-sliding bridge to “A Day in The Life”.

4. The intro to “I Feel Fine” was borrowed from Bobby Parker’s “Watch Your Step”.

John Lennon was a fan of R & B guitarist Bobby Parker of Louisiana, whose hit single “Watch Your Step”, the Beatles had played in 1961 and ’62 at concerts. The riff inspired “I Feel Fine”. Led Zeppelin used the same riff still much more apparent on ‘Moby Dick’.

5. “Her Majesty” originally appeared as a part of the “Abbey Road” medley.

When the 23-second “Her Majesty” was cut out of the medley, which was the second side of “Abbey Road”, it was packed to the end of the tape. As it later turned up there, the band decided to let it as a hidden track on the album. “The last chord is missing because it was the first of ‘Polythene Pam'” said Freimann.

6. John and George sung “Frere Jacques” on “Paperback Writer”.

You can hear parts of “Frère Jacques” in the backing vocals.

7. George played bass on “She Said She Said”.

It is a rare Beatles recording on which Paul McCartney did not play.

8. Paul played drums on “Back in the USSR”.

On “Dear Prudence” as well.

9. “Good Morning Good Morning” was inspired by a cereal advertising.

The World’s most widely known, with the exultant cock.

10. The flamenco guitar intro to “Bungalow Bill” was actually a Mellotron.

Beatles fans have long speculated about which Beatle played guitar at the beginning of “The Story Of Bungalow Bill Continuning” by Freiman however, it is merely “someone who plays a sound on the Mellotron and then triggers a loop.” A Mellotron is an electromagnetic piano, which is now named for legal reasons, Novatron.

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