Grand Appreciation vol 4: Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux 101: Groove Theory

Do you remember a song from a duo called Groove Theory back in ’95?  Sounds familiar but can’t quite remember?  That’s all right… just watch the video really quickly.

Remember now?  Good!  Groove Theory consisted of singer-songwriter Amel Larrieux and songwriter/producer, Bryce Wilson. The song “Tell Me” reached the top five of Billboard ‘s Hot 100 and the US Billboard R&B chart.


Amel Larrieux 201: Blisslife Records and Infinite Possibilities

In 2000 Amel released her first solo album “Infinite Possibilities” on Epic Records. “Get Up” was her first single.  After creative disagreements Amel and Epic parted ways.  Amel and husband/co-writer/co-producer/manager, Laru Larrieux, created the indie label Blisslife Records.

Amel went on to release four more albums; Bravebird in 2004, Morning in 2006, Lovely Standards in 2007, and Ice Cream Everyday in 2013.

Currently Amel is promoting her most recent album, Ice Cream Everyday.  You can check out her latest single “Afraid” on soundcloud.

As an avid supporter, I highly recommend that you delve deeper into her music.  Your soul with thank you.



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